Friday, March 2, 2012

south American in punk fashion designers

Whether it’s the trademark Polo equine or the padded RL,  Lauren is probably the most commonly familiar brand in United states fashion. The preppy informal look of Rob Lauren’s Mens polo shirt, jean material and Hampton-esque items were Lauren’s entertainment of British nobility and the fantastic high level. Much of his unique selection involved traditional tweed matches for men and womanly developing for women that shown traditional United states outfits and timelessness. Since his introduction in the overdue Sixties, Lauren has extended his brand to include perfumes, bluejeans and can suffer lines, as well as a home components selection of shower, sheets, furniture and colour to make him a true family name around the world.
 English designer, Vivienne Westwood, is the woman accountable for bringing you punk rock style. During the Seventies, Westwood started developing extravagant apparel using lots of set and skin-tight materials, safety hooks, stores, rised dog collars for dogs and other non-traditional style elements that replicated the clothing of riders, hookers and fetishists. Her edgy, grunge selections became popular among punk rock rock performers and younger generation and has maintained its popularity ever since. Westwood truly split the form when she presented modern punk rock into everyday road wear, and constantly do so today with surprising, leading edge designs for women and men.

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