Wednesday, September 28, 2011

All Starts With A Dream

"Do you ever get bored of blogging?"
"Bored? I love blogging so much!"

When I say that "fashion is a form of art applied on human's body", I really mean it with all my heart. Art has always played a major role in my life, and without it, I feel empty. Back then, my creative outlet was my digital artworks uploaded to my Deviantart account. Now it's through the clothes I wear, all uploaded to this blog. I really see clothes in an art-ly manner. I truly enjoy combining colors and prints and patterns and fabrics. They're all like canvas, brushes and paints all together. Clothes have a deeper meaning, you know? It's not always about trends or brands. It's about self-expression...:)

Btw, I've always loved Desigual for its colorful prints and positive messages and I'm so happy that the brand is now available in Jakarta exclusively at Urban Icon store...yayyyy! :)

PhotobucketZara floral top, Topshop floral bralet, Dedittie fringe skirt, custom-made floral leggings, Desigual bag, Forever 21 hat, Up wedges

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