Monday, June 25, 2012

How Life Gets Around

Hi, guys! I'm really happy to tell you that I am now officially a contributor writer for Cosmogirl! Indonesia magazine for the whole 2011...yay!! I never believed anyone would be interested in my writings, but well, here I am! ;p I hope you all enjoy my articles, which will mostly revolve around life and its get a copy of Cosmogirl! January 2011 for my very first debut....muah! :)

Velvet dress & belt, Levi's denim jeans, DR for Bloop Endorse faux fur vest, various brooches, Topshop socks, Up bow wedges

Btw, my Earthly Love collection for Bloop Endorse is almost all sold out, so do get the last pieces before they entirely run out of stock....cheers! :)

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